Heather Houston

What brought you to Bikram Yoga?

I started Bikram Yoga looking for an activity that would keep me active when I started my university degree. I started to practice regularly when I realized it was not only a great tool to keep my body healthy, but mentally I needed the training as well! I found that practicing this sequence improved my focus and concentration as well as my breath control and awareness, which played a massive role in keeping myself calm, focused, and motivated for my studies.

What was your biggest obstacle when you first started?

My mind. I had every excuse why I couldn't do the postures and why I suffered through the class. Everything from "My hips are too tight", to "I am not strong enough", and the classic "I can't" or "I never will be able to". I also struggled with the distraction of the heat, my skin being itchy and covered with sweat, and I was very self-conscious of my body and my postures and harshly criticized my reflection in the mirror. Eventually, my attention moved to the words the Instructor was speaking, and the negative brain chatter became quieter. I started to connect my movements to deep and energizing breath, and doing as much as I could without any judgement or expectation. Only then did I start to make tremendous progress in all the postures I told myself I never could do.

What is your favourite Posture?

My favorite posture changes all the time! Right now I am loving Half-Moon Pose! It's a great posture to turn on the intensity of my practice right from the start! And the deep back bend and forward bend that follows feels incredible after a long day sitting at a desk! Give this posture your 100% and you will be amazed how much energy it gives you for the rest of your class!

What's your favourite thing to eat after class?

I love snacking on sushi after practicing an evening class, or bananas after a morning stretch!

What do you like to do outside the hot room?

I love camping and being outdoors! There are some magnificent places to go camping in the North Island. If it is summer or the weather is nice and I have a free weekend, you can bet I will be spending my time in a tent by the beach.