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The hippest & hottest Bikram Yoga studios in the Greater Auckland area offering the best yoga for anyone & everyone. Unleash your true potential and heal yourself one class at a time. Your perspective will change, you’ll appreciate your life and your loved ones more. Think clearer, Look healthier. Feel younger. Be Calmer. Enjoy Living!!

  • 43 classes weekly, All times of day, 7 days a week
  • 2 locations, Conveniently serving Auckland’s North Shore from Devonport to Wellsford
  • BYNS established in 2005

Leave your excuses


Our studios were built by hand with a whole lot of love and the ideal Bikram Yoga conditions in mind. Both of our studios have floor to ceiling mirrors, their own unique heating and ventilation systems not to mention their own personality and vibe.

While we like funky music we don’t like funky smells so we air the hot rooms out between classes and have the carpets professionally cleaned each month to keep things fresh but bear in mind sweat does happen. Separate showers and change rooms provided.

Yoga specific merchandise also available for purchase and/or hire (Bikram’s books, yoga mats, cold drinks, hot yoga clothes for men and women).






2 locations serving the shore from this side of the bridge to Wellsford

  • Bikram Yoga Albany
  • 7 Mercari Way behind Caltex Station & next to Burger Fuel.
  • Call us at 649 415 4902
  • Bikram Yoga Glenfield
  • 75 Porana Rd.
  • Call us at 649 444 4070

Plenty of free parking at both locations. Parking designated: 120 minutes.