Welcome to Bikram Yoga & Hot Pilates– North Shore Auckland

We welcome all levels, from your first class ever to the more experienced.

Our qualified and talented teachers have many years of experience to help guide you through class.



Bikram Yoga & Hot Pilates for Everyone

Bikram Yoga & Hot Pilates HIIT is perfect for everyone, no matter what your age, size, fitness level, or gender. If you’ve had an injury then Bikram Hot Yoga is also perfect for your recuperation. If you want a strong core, lose weight and long lean muscles fit in some Hot Pilates as well and see the changes!  Our Yin yoga class (no heat) is great for de-stressing and getting a deep stretch in.

We have a variety of class times to suit everyone.

Beginners are always welcome and our teachers will help you advance at your own pace.

This is a chance for you to achieve your goals and heal yourself one class at a time. Your perspective will change, your body will change, you’ll appreciate your life and loved ones more, think clearer, feel healthier, younger and calmer – One step closer to the New You!

What should i wear?

Dress for the heat, something to sweat and stretch in. The Yin class has no heat but wear something to stretch in.  We have shower facilities available.

What Should I Bring?

Yoga mat – if you don’t have your own we have them for hire or to buy

Large bath towel – to put on your mat during class – we also have them for hire

Shower Gel – we have showers if you want to have a shower after class

Bottle for your water (no glass) - we have a filter tap, or bottles for purchase.

How do i start?

Click on our Timetable, sign up for any class, come in and pay at the front desk, turn up at least 15 mins before your first class and you are all set to go!  We recommend our Intro for First Timers, $49 for 30 Days Unlimited classes any times!

One step closer to the new you!